Games Fruits and Sevens

The decision to play an online casino slot game is made when players want an exciting thrill and the opportunity to win money. The chance to win money is a massive motivator for players as money is a very important commodity that players will appreciate the chance to win. The Novoline team produced a whole range of different games so that as many types of players would have a title that is of interest to them. The games Fruits and Sevens is a simple and traditional slot game that will remind players of the land based casino machines. The theme of the games Fruits and Sevens will appeal to players who like a simple slot that does not have an intricate and complex storyline behind it. The other themes in the range that have a more complex and intricate storyline attached to them are the action and adventure games, fantasy, historic and animated titles. The games Fruits and Sevens offers players a slot where they can fully focus on trying to spin the reels to win money rather than concentrating on a fantasy or adventure storyline. If players want a more interesting and exciting theme that the one offered in games Fruits and Sevens there are many in the Novoline range to choose from.

The other games in the Novoline range that players can choose from include the Lucky Ladies Charm slot which offers players the chance to escape on a fantasy adventure. The fantasy themed Lucky Ladies Charm slot places players in the shoes of a travelling lady crossing a weird and wonderful land searching for a lucky object. The theme is very detailed and exciting and offers a totally different playing experience than the simple one presented in the games Fruits and Sevens. The theme of game that a player selects is dictated by each person’s personal preference. The games Fruits and Sevens will appeal to fans of traditional old school slot machines and players who loved playing in land based casinos. The simple and traditional theme of the games Fruits and Sevens is presented to players through equally simple but yet very effective visual and sound effects. The sound effects in the games Fruits and Sevens are very important in setting the slots atmosphere and are a crucial part of this. The sounds are a cleverly crafted selection of electronic tones that sound just like the traditional land based slot machines. The sounds of the land based machines are in keeping with the games traditional theme.

The sounds in the games Fruits and Sevens are excellent as the atmosphere they create is a very relaxing and soothing one. This relaxing atmosphere is perfect to calm players down when they may be stressed due to gambling large amounts and this effect will enhance their enjoyment of the game. The various winning line combinations in the games Fruits and Sevens all have their own sound effect that is played which is great entertainment for players. The games Fruits and Sevens gamble bonus is a pressurized bet so the sound effect when this bonus is activated reflects this as short and sharp electronic tones are played. The short and sharp electronic tones are played to raise the tempo to create an intense atmosphere. The slots progressive jackpot feature is also greeted with a special sound effect that players will really appreciate. The different sounds combine in the games Fruits and Sevens with excellent effect to create a fantastic playing atmosphere. The visual effects in the slot game are just as important as the sounds as they are the other physical element players are exposed to. The visual effects contribute to three main different parts of the slot, the background, symbols and the title text.

The background of the games Fruit and Sevens is very plain it is a dark blue colour which allows the symbols and the title text to stand out. The title text of the games Fruits and Sevens is a bright red colour placed at the top and middle of the games main screen. The title text has behind it the various symbols that can be found in the game including the fruits and the seven. The title text looks fantastic with this effect and really adds to the games traditional theme that centre’s around the games symbols. The symbols in the games Fruits and Sevens are vitally important as they are central to the games traditional theme and are featured in the games name. The symbols include the all important 7 and the various fruits including, lemons, oranges, cherries, kiwis, cherries and grapes. The symbols are presented in a very clear and crisp image with very bright colours that look fantastic on the page. The different parts of the games Fruits and Sevens appearance look great combined on the screen. The game play of the slot is ultimately the most important aspect of the game as this controls how much money a player can win.

The format of the games Fruits and Sevens is a five reel and five win line game which is a fairly simple set up for a slot game. The simple set up means that the game is fast paced and free flowing offering players lots of opportunities to win. The overall aim of games Fruits and Sevens game is to line up three of the same symbols next to each other across the reels to create a winning line. If the player manages to spin in four or five matching symbols to the reels then extra money is awarded to the player. The best combination for players to roll in across the five reels in the games Fruits and Sevens is five 7’s. The five 7’s unlocks the games progressive jackpot which is a massive amount that is continually rising during a playing session. The games Fruits and Sevens features one bonus feature that is an optional one that’s offered to players after every successful spin of the reels. The bonus is called the gamble bonus and if accepted presents players the chance to double or lose their prize fund on a chance fifty/fifty bet. The game play of the slot is excellent and offers a fast flowing and fun playing atmosphere.