Fruits and Sevens Online

The range of casino slot games from Novoline cover a whole host of different themes so that as many types of players will find a game that they like. The different themes available to players are the action and adventure, fantasy, history and animated themed games all of which offer very different playing experiences. The Fruits and Sevens online game is a traditional themed slot game offering players the chance to play a game that is based on the old school land based games. If the player chooses to play the Fruits and Sevens online slot they will feel like they are taking a walk down the isle of a land based casino. The slot game excellently delivers this traditional and simple theme so that the Fruits and Sevens online game offers a very authentic playing experience. If the player wants a game that had a more complex and intricate theme and storyline there are many others in the range that offer this. The simple theme in the Fruits and Sevens online game is based on the symbols that are featured on the reels of the slot. The simple and traditional theme is delivered to players through quality visual and sound effects.

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The visual effects of the Fruits and Sevens online slot have been designed by an excellent design team who have bought in first rate finishes to the slot. The slots visual appearance comprises of three different elements the background, the symbols and the title text. The background of the Fruits and Sevens online game is very plain and simple so that players attention is not taken away from the games main aim of winning money. The background is a dark blue colour with no patterned details and is very much in keeping with the slots old school land based slot machine theme. The symbols that are used in the Fruits and Sevens online game is crucially important to the games theme in addition the slot is named after these symbols. The symbols are the various fruits, grapes, kiwis, watermelons, cherries, apples, oranges and lemons and the very important 7 symbol. The different symbols in the Fruits and Sevens online slot are designed in wonderful bright colours representing the colour of the particular fruit. The fruits are displayed in a crisp and clear finish which looks fantastic on the screen and is a real highlight for players when they look at the slot.

The title text of the Fruits and Sevens online game is a real visual treat for players as it looks fantastic in a bright red colour on top of the blue background. The text is presented in a bold and chunky font that looks really nice on the screen. The text has behind it the various fruity symbols and a large 7 which look fantastic and help enhance the games theme. The three different elements in the Fruits and Sevens online slot combine together really nicely to create a simple but very nice looking slot game. The sound effects in the Fruits and Sevens online game is a very important element in creating a good playing atmosphere for players. The sounds are a variety of electronic tones that combine together to create a relaxing and pleasant environment. The relaxing sounds are very important as they manage to calm players down who maybe nervous when gambling in the Fruits and Sevens online game. The different win lines in the game all have their own different sound effect that is played when the win line is activated. The games huge progressive jackpot has a very special sound that is played when it is activated.

The game play of the Fruits and Sevens online game is targeted at players who want a simple and fast paced slot game with a huge jackpot. The huge jackpot will really appeal to all players as the main reason that people choose to gamble on the game is because of the winning potential. The format of the slot is a simple five reel and five win line machine. The amount of win lines available to players is low meaning that the slot is fast flowing and simpler than some of the other games in the Novoline range. The more win lines that a slot offers generally means the more complex it is and many other games offer ten or twenty win lines making this slot a simpler option. The Fruits and Sevens online game keeps up its simple theme with the bonuses as there are very few available. The overall aim of the Fruits and Sevens online game is to line up across a win line a minimum of three of the same symbols adjacently from the left to the right. If the player manages to line up four or five symbols then the amount paid to the player increases.

The different symbols in the Fruits and Sevens online game all pay out different winning amounts to the player and these can be seen in the games pay table. The pay table is located at the bottom right of the slot and opens into a new screen that clearly displays all of the information. The Fruits and Sevens online game features one very important jackpot that is triggered by the player spinning in five 7 symbols onto the screen. The jackpot is a progressive one which means it is linked to the other casino games and continually increases until a player wins it. The current jackpot amount can be seen at the bottom of the games main screen and can release a huge payment to a lucky player. The only bonus in the Fruits and Sevens online game is the gamble feature that offers players the chance to double or lose their winnings on a chance fifty / fifty bet. The bonus is an optional one and offered to players after every winning spin of the reels. The overall conclusion of the Fruits and Sevens online game is that the slot offers a traditional theme presented in a very elegant and simple style. The slot game play has very fast flowing game play and an excellent progressive jackpot.